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  • Jayson DeMers

    Jayson DeMers

    CEO of EmailAnalytics (emailanalytics.com), a productivity tool that visualizes team email activity, and measures email response time. Check out the free trial!

  • George Schildge

    George Schildge

    Leader at Matrix #Marketing Group (http://www.matrixmarketinggroup). I'm an avid #entrepreneur, skier, cycle, and love technology. #tech #business #startups

  • Saksham Pandit

    Saksham Pandit

  • Shivangi Saxena

    Shivangi Saxena

    MBA @INSEAD πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Past: VC @TheiaVentures | πŸ› @worldbank @NITIAayog,Govt. of India @wef Global Shaper| Views personal Product&Tech.Dogs&Tarantino movies.

  • Karan Singh

    Karan Singh

  • Neeraj Joshi

    Neeraj Joshi

    Entrepreneur | Writer | Founder @ Pushstart | www.pushstart.in

  • Keshav Kumar

    Keshav Kumar

  • Kapil Yadav

    Kapil Yadav

  • Shagun Agarwal

    Shagun Agarwal

  • Suyasha Gupta

    Suyasha Gupta

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