How I designed the positioning strategy for a SaaS product: Step by Step

Market Research

  1. HRMS: which is mostly to do with attendance and time monitoring
  2. Attendance tracker
  3. Time tracker: to track time spent across applications
  4. Employee monitoring tool
  5. Employee productivity tool

Competition Analysis

  1. Positioning: What are the key brand aspects around which the landing page copy is designed
  2. Marketing and copy: What do they talk prominently in their ad copies
  3. Pricing and Product: How is the product priced and are there other variants of the product
  4. Lead Generation: Are there ways that they collect leads apart from the trail/sign ups
  5. How to win: How can we win against them and what can we learn from what they are already doing right

Competitor’s Positioning

  1. Mainly focused on time tracking and the fact that you should focus on other important things than tracking time.
  1. They say employee-friendly and talk about managers who are benefiting from it. If Employees are under-utilized you would know.

Competitor’s Marketing and copy

Competitor’s Pricing and Product

Competitor’s Lead Generation

How to win from competitors

Ad Copies

Landing Page

Proposed landing page (wireframe)



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