Selling luxury furniture at BentChair

Ankit Bagga
4 min readSep 29, 2021

BentChair, is a Luxury brand in Home Décor based out of New Delhi, India, and one of the early clients at my agency, DigitalFry. With an extraordinary array of lifestyle products, they enjoy a loyal customer base. They have 5+ offline stores across India along with an online store. Bent Chair wanted to promote its ambitious online website alongside its existing outlets. As the business grew, BentChair realized that it needed a scalable infrastructure to collect, process, store, and visualize data and build a culture in which data was at the heart of the business.

For advertising the Bent Chair website at scale, Cost per Transaction was not the right KPI to optimize acquisition campaigns. We had to use custom KPIs. In the Luxury segment, when the user journey is spread across multiple sessions, optimizing for purchase might not be the best thing to do.

We checked the past data and ran correlation to derive a custom metric that would best signify a quality user. Identifying such users in their initial sessions gives an edge by showing customized ads that play an important role in their journey from Visitor to Customer.

We segregated the audience base into several mutually exhaustive and exclusive segments. The idea behind segregating the complete audience base into several sections against a large number of variations in creatives and campaign strategies is to determine the best possible stimuli for each section. Thus, taking personalization to a whole new level and massively improving the conversion rates

Attribution modeling

First-click Attribution Modelling played a major role in acquisition campaigns as AOV of Bent Chair’s products is on the steep side. In the luxury segment, users tend to make multiple website visits before purchasing the product they desire. It can take them anywhere from 1 day to 4 weeks​ before they purchase the product. Identifying the potential and applying relevant strategy for each cohort of these users is critical.

Let’s say a customer converted after interacting with a Facebook ad five times, Searched on Google twice, and interacted with your mailers thrice before directly visiting your website and placing an order. Strange? These are typical customer journeys.

The source which helped in discovery, source which nurtured,​ and the source which did the final magic, all of them played their part in the customer journey. The way you attribute decides how much ROI they provided and hence the budget allocated to them.

Custom Ad Nomenclature

BentChair used custom Ad Nomenclature Framework on Facebook and Instagram for sacrosanct campaign monitoring.

The mistake which most marketers do is to give little heed to nomenclature in the hustle of making ads live asap. When it comes to analyzing what worked and what didn’t, marketers often repent not using structured and robust nomenclature.

Nomenclature should convey max information about that asset and should be having Cues like Ad format​ (Carousel or Video), Date​ when it was created and Variant​ (how many ad copies are being tested) in ad to name a few.

Marketing reports had different frequencies like daily, weekly, and monthly depending on detailing and requirement and were sent on e-mails. For Bent Chair we had internal reports which helped Account managers monitor the account and take action to avoid wastage. Website monitoring checks were also automated to avoid bad customer experience​ due to unavoidable downtimes, which helped on a few instances in the past couple of years.


Bent Chair has 3 segments namely Shop, Design, and Explore. We were primarily working on Bent Chair Shop which was the e-commerce segment of the brand but helped in the awareness campaign for Bent Chair Design as well. Bent Chair design helped customers with their high-end interior design.

Every e-commerce brand and its customers dearly await the Sale carried out by their favorite brand. This is the time when the majority of your customers will definitely buy from you and the potentials have higher chances of becoming a customer because of reduced pricing and offers.
Audiences are nurtured well before sale using post boosts, mailers, and non-direct selling ads so that they have a brand recall and can spot the Brand during the sale. You can’t expect the user to come to your website on the first day and transact​ especially when you are in a luxury space.
For Sale, we strategize pre-buzz campaigns which were in form of posts, videos to increase the excitement for the big day.

Our regular advertisement takes a halt well before the Sale so that Audiences are given a sufficient cooling-off period​ and both sides make the most out of the sale.
Another challenge for BentChair is to keep the ads in sync with the online inventory. Thus we used an ERP system to feed data into the systems to stop dynamic remarketing and other ads once the product was out of stock.

BentChair witnessed a 30% decrease in CAC from AdWords Search ads by efficiently bidding on long-tail keywords and a 10% reduction in CAC from display ads with the introduction of dynamic remarketing combined with email campaigns to nurture leads.

BentChair now continues to focus on home decor and lifestyle space curating designs across the globe and manufacturing them in their own facility. In 2021 BentChair has plans to open up in Coimbatore and Ahmedabad.

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